Yoghurt Of The Week - the World Trade Centre

This weeks YOTW is a moving memorial to the thousands who perished in the World Trade Centre of 911 fame (previously located in New York, America for all those Americans who dont know where anything is or was). Remember and celebrate what happened, 1000's of Americans and then 100,000s of rag heads dying.

The World Trade Centre is also the proud winner of the inaugural YOTW trophy and wins its own Drinking Game :)

So charge your glasses and enjoy Derek from Deltec Solutions "Oh My God" Drinking Game. OMG!

September 11th Two Thousand & Fun!

wtc world trade center 911 Yoghurt Of The Week
WTC is the Yoghurt Of The Week and the scene for a great 911 Drinking Game!

(Derek from Deltec Solutions 911 Oh My God! Drinking Game) ... The rules are quite simple, firstly make sure you have a shit load of alcohol then sit back and watch any nine eleven documentary. For every oh my god you must drink one shot. for every fuck wit that stands too close to a collapsing building drink one can of beer. for every body that swan dives off one of the burning buildings simply lean back and beat your fucking meat with joy.

Derek from Deltec Solutions

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