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Sulzeer Jeremiah Campbell - You Judas cunt with HIV
Sol Campbell and Spurs fans

It's about time Spurs fans got over Sol Campbell. Yes there are plenty of reasons to boo him, what he does in private is more than likely against God and he will almost certainly burn in hell. His 'borrowing' of Ashley Cole's mobile is also something that we shouldn't dwell on (nor where he kept it) but he left Tottenham years ago and for a very good reason - Tottenham were fucking shit!

Was darling Sol really supposed to hang around at Spurs while they bottled season after season until they eventually won the League Cup? Was he fuck! When his kids ask "What did you win when you played football Daddy?" he'll be able to answer them with a "straight" face and with pride about his achievements. (He won't be having kids obviously but run with me here).

Not the Rear Admiral of your Fleet

mobile cellular phone sex humour cartoon
cellular sex phone humour

Anyway, he left nearly a decade ago and Tottenham just beat Arsenal so who gives a fuck. Get over it you twats before you fuck up the last few games and let the bloody scousers sneak back onto Channel 5 next season.

“Sol, Sol, where ever you may be. You’re on the verge of lunacy. And we don’t give a fuck if you’re hanging from a tree. You Judas cunt with HIV.”

Spurs fans chant about a certain Mr. Sulzeer Jeremiah Campbell

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