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your even worse than Belgium

scottish football team cunts worse than belgium

However, from 2011/12, the SPL (Scottish Premier(?) League) will lose one of its two Champions League places after Belgium overtook Scotland in Uefa's coefficient ranking table.

There are also extra Europa League places available for one team from each of the top three countries in Uefa's Fair Play rankings. As of 31 December 2009, Scotland were ranked seventh.

Ups and downs

Norse's Ass!

george burley scottish cunt
George Burley scottish cunt

Tartan Army turns on manager George Burley after nightmare defeat in Norway The scent of blood prickles the air; the dogs of scorn have been unleashed. Scotland's traumatic defeat in Norway all but killed off the chance of George Burley's squad reaching the World Cup play-offs, never mind the finals in South Africa - and this after they went into the smallest of the European groups with the status of second seeds.

The manager has lost the confidence of the Tartan Army, who made their feelings plain at full time in Oslo, and he has lost the country, too, it seems. The ugly business of hounding Burley out of his job began on the radio phone-ins on Wednesday night and the swelling discontent expressed on internet message boards had become a tsunami of vitriol in yesterday's tabloids.

When the national coach's face dominates the front page of Scotland's best-selling daily newspaper under the banner headline: 'Norse's Ass!' he can start counting down the days until he empties the contents of his desk into a carrier bag.

Tartan Army turns on manager George Burley after nightmare defeat in Norway

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