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The Yoghurt Of The Week is bettingjobs.com for their shocking sexist and racist treatment of Eileen Homophobe (Mrs). Watch the exclusive and trust destroying video below of how bettingjobs.com treated her.

Then read her full Complaint Letter to bettingjobs.com and email them (info@bettingjobs.com) to support her case, to keep justice alive as we know it and to stop the crumbling of society and the fall into anarchy in the UK and perhaps the world itself. Dont forget to link to to the video evidence to show their dastardly crime.

Mrs H0m0ph0be - bettingjobs.com Complaint Letter

trannyformers bettingjobs.com Complaint Letter

Dear Betting Jobs!

My name is Eileen Homophobe and before you dismiss me as a "mentalist" or a "quack handle" I beseech you to take on board the horror I suffered having spoken to someone in your employ recently. Scarcely have I ever felt so hurt, so used and so DOWNRIGHT ANGRY as I did when I put the phone down a few days ago to your people. To quote Samuel L Jackson in Pulp Fiction I was "a mushroom-cloud-layin' motherfucker, motherfucker! Every time my fingers touch brain, I'm Superfly T.N.T., I'm the Guns of the Navarone!".

Now technically speaking I wasn't touching brain but I'm not convinced your staff are that in touch with brain either (ho! ho!). Having had a number of hours to reflect on the matter though I am unlikely to lay any mushroom clouds this week at least. HOWEVER, SHOULD YOU FAIL ME AGAIN I WILL NOT HESITATE TO CONTACT THE EAST GRIMSBY CHRONICLE AND SPLURGE YOUR SORRY TALE ALL OVER THE PRESS!

To give you an idea of how I feel now please imagine the following. Have you ever been so inclined as to blow up a balloon, for a party or any other such joyous occasion, and then thought you could get that little bit more air into it, only to have it explode in your face? Have you ever taken an elastic band, stretched it beyond its limit and ended up getting twatted round the earhole when it snaps? Have you ever been rather drunk and so desperate for a piss that, in rushing to the bog and getting there in the nick of time, you actually forget to take your old chap out of your troosers before opening fire? As an owner of more than one pair of soiled pantaloons in my time I can truly attest that I have, and have no doubt that you've experienced the pain and humiliation of piss soaked legs yourself.

Well my ankles were well and truly awash with urine last week when I received no reply to my 3rd email applying for a job on your so called "website". Not so much as an acknowledgment to a job that would have meant the world to me. Nobody in this hemisphere can offer the kind of Hungarian Post Op Tranny Customer Support that I can and you know it. Distraught at getting no answer I had to call your office in Malta just to see what was going on, to see what kind of emergency scenario had occurred at your place of work that prevented you from READING an EMAIL and then REPLYING to it over the course of SEVEN DAYS! Perhaps Pakistan is closer to Malta than I previously realised!

Things seemed to be on the up when a chap answered but immediately redirected me towards your "website" and to send an "email". The fact that I'd sent three of these missives before was clearly not a concern to this "receptionist" who was keen to jog me on in a matter of seconds. EILEEN HOMOPHOBE DOES NOT GET JOGGED ON DO YOU UNDERSTAND?!

Well Betting Jobs, imagine my surprise when I ask a friend from your fair Island to call you and ask about the same job 5 minutes later.This friend who we shall call "DEREK" for now was in an instant informed that the Hungarian Post Op Tranny Customer Support vacancy had been filled. Despite this "filling" the advertisement remains on your website to this day and I have still received no email, oh why must you taunt me so? Are you racists, sexists or just the yoghurts of the week? Should your answers, lol at me for expecting any, not be to my satisfaction the SCUNTHORPE ENQUIRER will be receiving phone calls. MARK MY WORDS!

Hot regards etc.

Eileen Homophobe (Mrs)

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