Yoghurt Of The Week - Ball Twatters


On the run from every fucker they've ever offended Derek and Mrs H stop off for a quick pint on their way to Africa, pausing only to declare golf fans as the Yoghurts of the Week

with the rider cup coming up this week we'd like to express our contempt for golfers because we think twatting your balls with a stick is fucking ludicrous and partly because, to the best of our knowledge, there is no militant golfer group with terrorist connections that might try to take us out

Ball twatters are the Yoghurt Of The Week

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24 Hour Diner - La Linea and Gibraltar frontier

The 24 HOUR DINER is the only place to hide out or hide in when crossing the border from Gibraltar to Spain or the Frontier from La Linea to Gibraltar after a typical mediterranean night out.

You will only fully appreciate its magical beauty when you have gone through the cleansing process of a mad drunken night out. Or you have just finished your night shift in Gibraltar and going home.

Late night or early morning the 24 HOUR DINER guarantees that you will always meet someone you know or someone you should get to know over a pint of Cruzcampo.

Forget the Rock of Gibraltar, the monkeys who live their and also the Apes - the 24 HOUR DINER is the only reason and place to visit in Gibraltar and its not even in Gibraltar.

If you are the typical tourist here, and walking all over the Rock, you will no doubt generate a bit of an apetite.
However, if you have acclimated to the Spanish schedule of eating, then most restaurants in Gibraltar will have closed their kitchens hours before you realized you were hungry.
There is a solution, Andaluz Diner, hard to miss since it is decorated as a retro-50's American Diner. It is open 24 hours a day.
No particular dish earns ratings above the rest, it is a diner afterall.

Restaurant Andalucia Diner: 24 hours hunger can be solved

fatwa DSwede cunt 24 HOUR Andaluz Diner

"No particular dish earns ratings above the rest, it is a diner afterall" quote by 'DSwede'. Cuntspoker have heard some heresy in our time but this perhaps takes the soggy biscuit ... "it is a diner afterall". Avoid this man at all costs unless you intend to seek revenge for this blasphemy.

Cuntspoker have heard that a fatwa has been declared on DSwede. Lets hope it is more successful than that one on Salman Rushdie or as he was known when playing online poker "the Salmon" Rushdie or to his close friends "the Salamon".