Tower Gaming rakeback pimps told to Fuck Off by ongame and join the rakewhore cake network

Tower Gaming poker have been told to Fuck Off by the ongame network and leave to join the Cake network instead. Tower Gaming have been known as a blatant and constant offender against ongames official no rakeback policy. While all skins on the ongame network do give some sort of unofficial rakeback most try to disguise it. Tower Gaming on the other poker hand flaunt their rakeback offers. Everyone could get at least 50% rakeback from any affiliate of Tower Gaming.

Tower Gaming rakeback whores and rakeback pimps

Ongame have finally had enough and told Tower Gaming to go fuck themselves and any network they join. The Cake network, one of the largest rakeback pimps, have obviously whored themselves to Tower Gaming, as Cake network need as many players as they can and Tower Gaming have many a rakeback whore and lots of rakeback pimps.

Tower Gaming are large and must make up around 5%-10% of the ongame network players? So it will be interesting to see which rakeback pimp sites and affiliates claim them these rakeback whores.

Ongames new mission statement appears to be “no rakeback bitches on my turf bitch”. If ongame are willing to get rid of Tower Gaming then no one is safe. Apart from Bwin of course who can do as much rakeback as they like as they own the ongame network.

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