Thor Hansen Charity Tournament on Betfair? What a cunt

Thor Hansen Charity Tournament on Betfair? What a cunt and exploitation of cancer.

Thor Hansen has won over 5 million in tournaments alone let alone only God knows how much in cash games and yet we are now asked to give him more money by playing in the Thor Hansen Charity Tournament on Betfair?

Thor Hansen has already had many Charity Tournaments from poker players when he won all that money. You have already given him millions and you want to give Thor Hansen more? Why? Has he asked you to do this? Or has a site like Betfair realised they can get something out of it?

Thor Hansen has cancer. So what? Thor Hansen will die of the cancer eventually, everyone does. Even those retards who believe they are ‘cured’ when they ‘beat’ cancer will die of it or a related illness.

Most people will die of cancer yet Betfair don’t do a new player acquisition and Public Relations Charity Tournament for them. It’s sick, being a vulture on a dying corpse.

Millions of others do who have not won $millions and you dont go giving those poor cunts money but the poker world wants to give rich cunts money?

What has Thor Hansen done with all those winnings? If you play in the Thor Hansen Charity Tournament on Betfair then you need to give money to every other fucker who has cancer and has not won millions.

Asko Heiskanen Betfair Global Poker Marketing Manger said “We are delighted to help out Thor at this time. I hope other operators across the industry join us to raise as much money and awareness as possible for one of pokers most well-loved players”




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