Not Cricket For Trickett

GOD BLESS AMERICA! Not happy with being shown how to play poker by an Englishman and an Iranian in the ‘Big One For One Drop’ some yanks have decided to give brave hero Sam Trickett a beating. The cunts. I expect dears that they used a baseball bat like the fags they are rather than a good old-fashioned English cricket bat which would have done more damage but that just shows what retards they are. Also, the man has just won $10 million, on top of his multiple other millions, yet the yankee fucktards didn’t rob a penny!


We don’t just hate Americans though dears so don’t label us as xenophobic (not that you could spell it if you wanted to). We also hate most Brits, including England’s Brave And Loyal John Terry who Trickett now sadly resembles with his face smashed in. Terry would no doubt claim that Trickett’s attackers were given the opportunity to beat him up when Sam had the temerity to dare go out and celebrate his result which again proves what a bell-end Terry is.

The moral of the story is this dears.

A) Americans are cunts
B) John Terry is a cunt
C) Sam Trickett’s bird is a decidedly tidy gupta (DTG)

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