#JenniferTilly #Born2BRaped trending

If Jennifer Tilly was not #Born2BRaped then she has made sure she has grown into an annoying high pitched women who does deserve it after I watched this video of her. If only to get her to shut the fuck up.

The only reason I sat through 8 minutes of mindless squealing drivel was that in the interview (sic) it was intimated that Jennifer Tilly was quitting poker.

jennifer tilly #Born2BRaped

#JenniferTilly #Born2BRaped trending?

After what seemed like an hour of Banshee possession Jennifer Tilly said the line “I am trying to stop playing poker …” and then spoiled it by not really confirming she was quitting.

jennifer tilly #Born2Rape

Jennifer Tilly #Born2Rape

Why in every image or interview of Jennifer Tilly does she have her cleavage on show? It is like some desperate whore strutting up and down the road late at night.

What was great though was the ending. Name and shame it baby.

jennifer tilly shut the fuck up

jennifer tilly shut the fuck up

If you have come home late from the pub and want a quick Tommy Tank of a bit of what should be MILF cleavage and the thought of what work that mouth could do on your Johnson then watch this …

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