Annie Duke Makes ‘Em Puke!

@themasterj33 at #WSOP2012 said this week what everyone else should say when he told Annie Duke to go fuck herself – yay :). It didn’t surprise us dears that she would turn up at the WSOP because she’s got the brass neck of a particularly cunty giraffe but having been heavily involved in all aspects of the CEREUS and Epic Poker League fuckups she must be told what’s what. I’m not sure how she’s got away with it all to be fair – must be a powerful thing the minge :).

Obviously the silly cow is either too stupid or two much of a bitch to have a clue what the issue is. We’re guessing that if she ran over a kid while drink driving she’d gatecrash the funeral, inadvertently kill off an ageing grandparent through shock, take a slurp from a can of beer and say “What the fuck’s your problem?”.

She’s an utter disgrace of a woman and makes Rose West look like mother of the year dears. If she does go fuck herself let’s hope that she uses a chili coated dildo wrapped in barbed wire – yay :)

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