All-In for CP charity poker tournament

All-In for CP charity poker tournament as we give back to the poker community and the normal community, world and universe. The All-In for CP charity poker tournament will be hosted by CuntsPoker at the Venetian on 9th Dec 2011.

The All-In for CuntsPoker charity poker tournament is a $500+40 with $200 Rebuys for 90 minutes. CuntsPoker have already confirmed that those playing include Barry Greenstein, Phil Laak, Dennis Phillips, Antonio Esfandiari, Jennifer ‘Rape’ Tilly and a lot of other less famous poker players and celebrities.

All-In for CP charity poker tournament

All-In for CP charity poker tournament

Luckily we have an image advertising the All-In for CP charity poker tournament with Chris Moneymaker and Joe Hachem but they have not confirmed they will be attending. It’s not false advertising as the story involves some spastics so its ok to take your money with any excuse.

And here is a real tear jerker story that should make you cough up the money to support the All-In for CuntsPoker charity poker tournament

In 2007, Robinson decided to begin playing pub poker, which was organized by the National Poker League in Australia. It was so bad that in the same year, he fell into a heavy depression for 8 months, he didn’t speak. He didn’t want to eat or drink and was on various medications. After many visits to doctors and psychologists, no one knew what was wrong with Robinson, apart from he was a cunt, and nothing worked, including him as he is on the benefits gravy train. On New Year’s Eve 2008, Robinson came out of his depression, and to this day, no one knows what he was feeling (couldn’t they ask him?)

After looking back at his depression, Robinson believes the reason he came back was poker. He remembered how much he loved watching and playing it. That was when he decided he was going to play and not let his disability stop him (nor all the free money he is getting).

In June of this year, Robinson had been having vision problems and he found out he had a tumor behind his eye he had an operation to remove the tumor. The operation was successful.
 Even though the operation was successful, remnants of the tumor remain, so Robinson has to monitor regularly to make sure the tumor does not grow (bit more of the sob story so you give more money to the All-In for CuntsPoker charity poker tournament).

Robinson’s dream of getting to Las Vegas for the All-In for CuntsPoker charity tournament are inching closer to becoming a reality each day with generous donations from people around the world, including poker pro Vanessa Rousso. Robinson feels that poker has saved his life. He is sociable, has a great time, and loves life as best he can.
 He’s a great person and is proof that a disability such as liking CuntsPoker doesn’t have to affect him anymore. (so he is cured of then? why do we need to give him any charity money?)

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