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Welcome to cuntspoker. The site is truly cuntified and unlike anything you have seen or read before. And that is not just a sales bitch. This page should help guide you to the funny poker stories and other articles found on cuntspoker.

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Shark scopes north of the river

"So, I open for a pony with K7 in early position yeah, and the tight-aggressive caant in the cut-off free-betted me to a ton. Aye faackin' aye I thought to myself, this caaant hasnít free-betted anyone all game yeah, he must have fack all innit."

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Obitchuary | the true stories and reports of famous dead poker players and how they died. Some you may not believe and others you eventually may.

Doyle Brunson dead death died - the story of how Texas Dolly died
Doyle Brunson dead - the story of how Texas Dolly Died - Doyle Brunsons Obitchuary

These include the infamous and much discussed on other poker sites and blogs and even tweeted by Doyle Brunson himself ... Texas Dolly RIP - how Doyle Brunson died

Wish we could report Doyle died while taking off Liv Boeree thong with his teeth


Yoghurt Of The Week

Yoghurt of the Week - this weeks yoghurt is ... by Mrs H0m0ph0be or Derek from Deltec Solutions

Who is the Yoghurt Of The Week? Previous weeks Yoghurts include ...

the World Trade Centre OMG!

Derek from Deltec Solutions says "Now as September the eleventh approaches don't forget to celebrate this wonderful day in history, and let's not forget that for every 5 yanks that died, at least one raghead died too so even though some people, We' will call them cunts for now. Think that nine eleven was a bad thing, it was actually a win win situation"

Mrs Homophobe may have got distracted by her love of a certain non muscle man known as Derek from Deltec Solutions but she has moved on to other things. Leaving us all to sing

"It was great
When it all began
I was a regular Mrs H fan
But it was over when she had the plan
To start working on a muscle-man
Now the only thing that gives me hope
Is my love of certain dope
Rose tints my world keeps me
Safe from my trouble and pain"

But dont just live in the past - revel in the majesty that was the cuntspoker Yoghurt Of The Week

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