@SkySports Presents #Prizefighter: The Trannies!

A red hot #boxing line up including Hayley Cropper, Lily Savage and Cartman’s mum is finally here, the one you’ve all been waiting for, Prizefighter: The Trannies!

Nice Weapons!

This top class field is completed by Emily Howard, Dana International, Nadia from Big Brother, RuPaul and the lovely Lana, formerly Larry, Wachowski.

J Edgar Hoover was scheduled to take part but is unfortunately dead so we have another South Park favourite, Mrs Garrison, as first reserve. The early money has gone on Hayley Cropper so far but the lovely Lana is not short of admirers either.


So grab a beer, park yourself in front of the TV and watch these tenacious TVs tussle. And remember, while most of our competitors don’t have cocks anymore, they definitely all have balls!

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