How World War III Started

Mohammed the Muslim and Jacob the Jew run a chain of ‘Sacred Sex Shops’ across the Middle East. Mo gets an idea for a new promotion and pitches it to Jacob

Mo: Jacob me old mucker, got a great idea that will send the locals crazy!

Jacob: Even better than the crotchless burkas with nipple tassles?

Me: Yeah, anyway what do you think of a new range of spiritual sex toys – deified dildos? 12 inches of solid cock with the faces of religious figures on – poke yourself potty with the Pope, bum yourself bonkers with Buddha or strum yourself silly with Shiva!

Pope Up Your Arse – Touch Of Class!

Jacob: You sure?

Mo: Yeah course, they’ll go down a bomb in our Palestine shop and our other gaff is just a stone’s throw from Mecca. Even better we can pick ’em up for two quid a pop and knock ’em out for £1.50 so everyone’s a winner!

Prefer It Up The Front – Radical Cleric Up Your Cunt!

Jacob: WTF?! You’re seriously telling me that you wanna sell dildos with images of the Pope, Buddha and Shiva on?

Mohammed: Yeah!

Jacob: And you wanna do this at a 50p loss each time?

Mo: And some others yeah, why? What’s your problem?

Jacob: FFS! What’s my problem? What about the fucking profit Mohammed?

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