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Catastrophic Wank Bank Failure

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Hello Dears,

Was watching that film Black Swan this week and my god did I get the horn! Natalie Portman is a fabulous piece of work and Mila Kunis is pretty excellent too. It would also be rude to forget the ever-lickable Winona Ryder. After the credits I had to retreat to bed and do a little bit of exploring with the old digits as I was way too excited still. I held my face with my left hand at first and then let it slowly ease down to my left breast, cupping it gently and ever so slightly rubbing at my nipple with my thumb. I slid further down the bed sheets just leaving my head above them as my right hand started to go to work.

I was so turned on, breathing getting heavier and my mind swirling with erotic thoughts of Nat and Mila. The fingers on my right hand walked their way down my body, in no particular hurry, as I thought back to these two gorgeous women, their eyes focusing on each other before closing in passion. Their lips meet, their hungry hands run all over each other’s smooth, soft and naked bodies. Tongues lap at each other before tasting and tantalising every inch, exploring every erogenous zone.

Their pert nipples stand up and their intense sexual heat spreads throughout their bodies as they devour each other, touching and kissing and getting wetter and wetter. As I think about it my right hand reaches my clit and I feel myself losing it as I become more aroused. I imagine that I appear as Winona Ryder, suddenly there with Mila and Natalie, and they waste no time in inviting me to join them.

In reality my fingers are working more vigorously as the fantasy Natalie and I ravish the beautiful Mila. Natalie kisses Mila’s ankles before nibbling her way up, up past her knees and gently easing her legs apart while I work down from the top. I gaze at her pretty face before kissing her tempestuously and fondling her perfect breasts. I kiss her neck and as I imagine this I’m getting closer to climax as in my mind my tongue runs its way down to Mila’s chest. Mila moans in my head as I moan in my bed. Two women, two tongues and four hands driving the wonderful Mila crazy until she cries out triumphantly and falls back, spent and glowing.

Natalie tells me that it’s my turn to cum and in real life I’m almost past the point of no return, mere seconds away from the spectacular, decisive moment. I’m hypnotised by her eyes, her flawless naked body steps right up to mine as she takes my hands and makes me grab her buttocks. Her breasts push against mine and as she moves in to kiss me I am literally only miliseconds away from a screaming crescendo!

Then I remember that she’s a jew dears. FFS!

Ménage à quatre

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Hello Dears,

Welcome to the latest story in the ‘Eileen’s Erotica’ series 🙂

Ménage à quatre

Abigail was feeling somewhat sorry for herself that day. Wednesdays were her days off and she often liked to take a trip to the park or to press flowers in her free time. It had been a year since her husband, Sebastian, had passed away and as she hugged his photo and looked out at the persistent rain she knew she wouldn’t be getting out today. She went to the kitchen to get herself a cup of coffee as she prepared to settle in for the afternoon drama on cable TV. Two sugars is what she took with her Horlicks, no extra milk or cream, and she always used her ‘World’s Best Mum’ mug. Fond memories of her two children always came back to her when she made a hot beverage, her son and daughter, all grown up now with lives of their own. Abi could scarcely believe she’d hit forty and beyond, she didn’t feel it and she certainly didn’t look it, except on the odd occasion when the glint in her eye would become obscured by a single tear as the pain from Sebastian’s loss would once again catch up with her.

Enough of this thought Abigail as she shook herself out of her brief bout of self pity. Her favourite TV show would be on soon, with that hunk who used to be on Emmerdale. She’d set the washing machine going then take her drink with her and relax for the next hour or so with a bit of televisual escapism. She might even order a takeaway for afterwards, after all there wasn’t much food in the house and she wasn’t going out shopping in this weather. With the pizza ordered she popped back into the living room to pause the TV show while she sorted out the washing. The machine made a disturbing clicking noise before a crunching sound and then lights failure signalled that it was kaput. The easy and relaxed afternoon she’d hoped for was starting to unravel but Abi tried to keep a cool head, ringing for a plumber, taking a deep breath and then finally taking her seat to watch the telly. She pressed the remote to unpause the programme but nothing happened, the picture remained resolutely still and the day was suddenly hurtling into one of intense frustration. She would have sworn if anyone had been around to hear it but she knew it really wouldn’t achieve anything. A quick word with herself and several more deep breaths later and she contacted customer support to see what was going wrong. She was told that urgent repair works were being carried out in her area and that the TV would be out for around an hour. If she waited in an engineer would be there in due course. This was not ideal certainly but Abi brushed off the irritation, put on the radio and sat back with her warm, reassuring mug of drink.

With a jolt she suddenly woke up, she must have dropped off for a few seconds. As her head shot up she lost her grip on the mug and poured hot Horlicks all over her front. She had to immediately tear off her t-shirt, running to the kitchen to get the white garment into the washing machine. She quickly remembered that it wasn’t working and threw the shirt to the floor in disgust, the day was getting worse and worse. At that moment the doorbell rang. Forgetting that she was only wearing a bra she rushed to the door and was surprised to find a pizza delivery boy, plumber and TV engineer waiting. With all the stress of the day it had completely slipped her mind that she’d made all these arrangements. Anyway, to cut a long story short she let them in then the three fellas smashed her back doors in and spunked in her eye. The end.

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The Look

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Another slice of erotica – yay 🙂

Eileen was a 20 something goddess and she looked it as she strolled across the Caribbean beach. Long blonde hair, sensual lips, firm and proud breasts and a sexy little wiggle when she walked – she could have had anyone: everyone but her knew this. She’d been hurt several times, was too trusting maybe, and as she tread lightly upon the sand her heart ached. Someone as lovely as Eileen deserved to be loved, and it was her hope on this island paradise, fresh from signing her divorce papers, that she might find a little comfort, a little romance, get ‘the look”. It didn’t have to be anything serious, just companionship and tenderness for for a few hours, maybe even a few days so that the ache in her chest could be quelled, even if only temporarily.

Weddings and Honeymoons in Hawaii

Her first day on holiday was uneventful and she liked it that way, relaxing on a lounger, reading love stories and sipping cocktails – pure heaven! The second day brought about a whole new slant on things though. Having had a morning swim she was enjoying an exotic breakfast when her eyes were drawn to a newcomer to the hotel – a tall bronzed adonis, muscled and shaven headed – which normally didn’t appeal to Eileen – but something about the way the man carried himself set off sirens in the heads of every woman there.

When he’d finished filling his breakfast plate he turned around and the adoring eyes that were fixed upon him were immediately drawn to the image of two lions fucking on the front of his t-shirt. Clearly this was a man of distinction and taste. Eileen could not help but stare at the lions as the handsome stranger sat at the table across from her. “I’m up here” said the man to Eileen as he noticed her attention. Eileen blushed and Mr Handsome laughed, but in a kindly way. Eileen herself was more than used to having to direct male eyes away from her chest and she was embarrassed to have to be chastised in the same way, albeit in a very gentle and compassionate manner. The broad smile on the man’s face was spellbinding and contagious and as the two got to know each other it wasn’t long before it happened. As they sipped cool drinks from straws at sunset that day their hands met and were swiftly followed by their eyes. Backlit by the darkening orange sky their pupils dilated and there it was – the look. Seconds later they were kissing passionately and minutes later they were back in Eileen’s hotel room, near naked and high on anticipation.

Eileen nibbled his ear and kissed his neck as her hand ran up and down his back, her fingernails gently digging in now and again. She knelt down kissing his chest and then his stomach and he took a deep breath as she slid off his shorts. He ached for her mouth to pleasure him but she stayed there, teasing him almost cruelly. When she felt he’d been teased enough she gently caressed his penis with her hand as she stood up kissing her way back up to his beautiful mouth. And now it was his turn. With an expert hand he removed her bra and unleashed her impressive bosom, running his fingers gently round her nipples, always leaving her panting and wanting more. Her thong slipped to the floor and he drew Eileen closer, his expert touch driving her crazy as their eyes locked again. The Look was there again in all its glory. “Eileen dear, I fucking love you, you dirty bitch!” he exclaimed. Before she could react he punched her in the cunt, flipped her over and then pissed up her arsehole. A new love affair was born.

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  1. G Glitter says:

    Top work Eileen, made me splurge all over my new IPad 2!

  2. Rusty says:

    Infromaiton is power and now I’m a !@#$ing dictator.

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    Mighty useful. Make no mistake, I appreciate it.

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