Calling The #Poker Clock Part 2

He woke to find himself in a Dexteresque array of clingfilm and bubble wrap, strapped down so tightly he could only move his eyelids. For two days clock cunt had been kept unconcscious through the medley of drugs I’d been administering.

During his sleep I’d hired an empty garage space and kitted it out with everything I needed to restrain this wanker and used his tournament winnings to get it properly soundproofed too.

I woke him up deliberately so that he could see what his unsavoury behaviour had wrought upon him. Through a vein in his leg I’d set up a drip to slowly feed him all the necessary nutrients for him to continue to exist. If I chose he could stay there for a year, on his own, unseen and unheard by anyone else in the world. I’d also taken the sane route of murdering the taxi driver we’d used on that fateful night and firebombed the taxi office too. Better safe than sorry!

For a laugh I cut his face like Dexter would and then removed the gag on his mouth so he could beg and plead for his worthless fucking life.

I sat down and let him almost literally scream his heart out without speaking or ever looking him in the eye. As he roared away asking for help from God, from his wife, from the police and any other fucker he could think of I quietly turned the main light on, which focused on a giant clock looking directly down on my stricken friend. I then set up other lights around him so that it hurt to do anything but look directly up when he opened his eyes due to the fierce glares beaming into him. All he could see was that clock now, all he could hear was it ticking as I quickly and quietly moved around the periphery of the garage space and picked up the present.

To give the cunt his dues he had a good old shouting match with himself. At first fearful it wasn’t long before he got angry, threatening to do all sorts of things to me when he got free, which he promised he would. I didn’t acknowledge his requests or threats verbally. I simply sat beside him and placed his present on the other side of his face – it was a brand new cuckoo clock. We had 2 minutes to go before the hour was up and I sat there in silence waiting for them to elapse. For me it went in no time, for him, having no idea what was to come, it must have taken ages. He’d seen the clock as I passed it over him and on to the ‘bedside’ table – he must have feared the worst.

He needn’t have, when the 120 seconds were up the cuckoo merely cooed as expected then retreated into its home. I had to stifle a laugh as clock cunt wondered what the fuck was going on. He could still only see the giant clock above him but he’d gone quiet now. Shouting only every few minutes rather than constantly. He was either too tired or he thought he was going to die, either way I didn’t give a shit. I just grabbed another box and retrieved a second cuckoo clock setting it 1 minute behind the correct time, doing this in front of his face and then putting it on his free side.

I took the next clock, and the next, and the next and set each one to a time a minute earlier than the last until clock cunt was surrounded by 60 clocks. As every minute passed another clock chimed in the hour, very close and very loud into clock cunt’s earholes. After an hour he’d nearly lost his mind, screaming and struggling like a lunatic and by now I couldn’t stop laughing. I asked him if he wanted it to stop and he begged yes, tears streaming down his face.

“Ok”, I said. “I’ve made my point”.

I took the next ten clocks and changed the time by an hour on each.

“It’s ok, I’m going to let you go now.”

I moved towards the garage door and I could sense the relief in the man. The silence was a relief even for me.

“I’m just getting something to cut you free with”, I lied, as I popped the gag back over his mouth and opened the door. I wheeled a massive box in from the van I had parked outside and then shut the door again.

“Not long now”, I lied again as I removed the gag. I then used the last few minutes of silence to unpack the 240 other differently timed cuckoo clocks and then I shut and locked the door and then fucked off. That was 6 months ago and the arsehole’s still there! He won’t be calling the clock on anyone again anytime soon the prick!

Part 1

In other Poker News today Annie Duke is still a cunt!

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