Big Bad Wolf In 3 Pig Violation!

Hello dears,

Here’s some breaking, and unsurprising news, regarding the 3 little bastard pigs and the poor old put upon, and now deceased, wolf. I doubt I’m the only one who sees the link between this story and the plight of the Iranians who just want a bit more uranium for ‘personal use’ – yay :).

Puts me in mind of the old Suede song where Big Brett ‘Makes Me Wet’ Anderson sings about being pigs – and here it is!

Some of you might prefer this telling of the story though as it’s got more fucking bite to it as it were.

You’ll have to forgive the Jello action though dears, they are American after all. The moral of this story, if there is one, is that if you don’t dig bacon you’re a cunt! Yay :).

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