An Idiot Abroad?

A lot of fucking idiots at home more like dears!

Well dears I’m sorry to say that I saw an episode of this bollocks – An Idiot Abroad that is – last week and quite frankly it made my cunt itch! I did try and like it, entered into it with all the best intentions but, like the first time I tried anal sex I realised it just wasn’t for me.

I never watched any of the Gervais / Merchant shit with this Pilkington chap before because it looked just too contrived. Pilkington is a bit of a victim in this I fear because I don’t think he’s that much of a cunt really, he is a cunt mind, and a miserable one at that, but the real wankers here are clearly Merchant and Gervais.

My dears, I quite liked Gervais on the old 11 O’clock show and obviously I liked The Office at the time but watch it now and you’ll realise that actually it was shit. Unfunny bollocks all in all and I genuinely would rather be trapped in a pubescent boy’s body and be groomed by Jonathan King than experience that wank all over again.

Extras was alright, kind of charming in its own way but An Idiot Abroad 2, the smash hit sequel to an Idiot Abroad, is total and utter bollocks. I think what irks me most is the smug laughter of Gervais every time the Pilkington has to do something he doesn’t like, Gervais seemingly thinking that this a Machievellian piece of cunning rather than a tedious waste of an hour.

Not totally sure where I’m heading with this dears to be honest but I’ve taken a fuckload of HRT pills and I’m dying to fall on some lucky man’s sword pronto! So, I’ll leave you with this: Gervais, Merchant, Pilkington – you’re a bunch of cunts, unfunny cunts at that and in the name of the Great Gods of Westlam, Fred West and Allah, may AIDS be upon thee! You’re shit, An Idiot Abroad is shit, and you can all fuck off, actually you can stay Pilkington, I like rough northern types and I’m feeling rapey. Thank you!

Yay 🙂

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