@SkySports Presents #Prizefighter: The Trannies!

A red hot #boxing line up including Hayley Cropper, Lily Savage and Cartman’s mum is finally here, the one you’ve all been waiting for, Prizefighter: The Trannies!

Nice Weapons!

This top class field is completed by Emily Howard, Dana International, Nadia from Big Brother, RuPaul and the lovely Lana, formerly Larry, Wachowski.

J Edgar Hoover was scheduled to take part but is unfortunately dead so we have another South Park favourite, Mrs Garrison, as first reserve. The early money has gone on Hayley Cropper so far but the lovely Lana is not short of admirers either.


So grab a beer, park yourself in front of the TV and watch these tenacious TVs tussle. And remember, while most of our competitors don’t have cocks anymore, they definitely all have balls!

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How World War III Started

Mohammed the Muslim and Jacob the Jew run a chain of ‘Sacred Sex Shops’ across the Middle East. Mo gets an idea for a new promotion and pitches it to Jacob

Mo: Jacob me old mucker, got a great idea that will send the locals crazy!

Jacob: Even better than the crotchless burkas with nipple tassles?

Me: Yeah, anyway what do you think of a new range of spiritual sex toys – deified dildos? 12 inches of solid cock with the faces of religious figures on – poke yourself potty with the Pope, bum yourself bonkers with Buddha or strum yourself silly with Shiva!

Pope Up Your Arse – Touch Of Class!

Jacob: You sure?

Mo: Yeah course, they’ll go down a bomb in our Palestine shop and our other gaff is just a stone’s throw from Mecca. Even better we can pick ’em up for two quid a pop and knock ’em out for £1.50 so everyone’s a winner!

Prefer It Up The Front – Radical Cleric Up Your Cunt!

Jacob: WTF?! You’re seriously telling me that you wanna sell dildos with images of the Pope, Buddha and Shiva on?

Mohammed: Yeah!

Jacob: And you wanna do this at a 50p loss each time?

Mo: And some others yeah, why? What’s your problem?

Jacob: FFS! What’s my problem? What about the fucking profit Mohammed?

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