Miguel and Clive - articles and stories about poker and life

Miguel and Clive - articles and stories about poker and life

Enter the blog world of Miguel and Clive. Abandon or find hope all ye who enter here.

List of Miguel and Clive - articles and stories

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Venereal Tourism

Venereal Tourism. All-inclusive packages, to headline destinations, where our customers can bring home a unique souvenir that no other travel company offers - a venereal disease

Forget the crap holiday stories you bang on to your work mates about, impress your colleagues with a clap holiday story!

Clap Tours™ The Big 5: #1 Crabs

Clap Tours™ The Big 5: #2 Herpes

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The Angie’s Room Trilogy

It all began when I received an anonymous letter through the post, scented with female-ejaculate, from a Lady identifying herself as Angie. In the hand written letter she claimed that we shared an affinity for poker and the dark side, with the words ‘dark side’ punctuated by a body print of her obviously shaved snatch to represent the commas.

Included in the envelope was a Polaroid image of her naked, with her breasts perched atop a copy of Phil Gordon’s Little Green Book of Poker. Not much of a looker I thought, but hey... inside every bush there is a flush!

Part 1 - Under every bush there is a flush
Part 2 - Gimp masks are not permitted in the family area
Part 3 - Invite said a 15% discount on first the drink

How to make a Portuguese Breakfast - ingredients, method and recipe
How to make a Portuguese Breakfast

4. Position yourself over the gaping vagina with your penis pointing downwards, and proceed to fuck her vociferously for a minimum of 10 minutes, occasionally withdrawing to the check consistency of your mixture. This is where I find a fanny like a wizard’s sleeve advantageous as it naturally accommodates a wider circular stirring motion more easily than the less elastic varieties.

How to make a Portuguese Breakfast

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The Saga of Pyscho the Rapist

At the time I couldn’t quite see how getting raped by a Psycho was going to help me. Perhaps it’s a radical new technique, in which they heal the mental scars of a terrible ordeal through the medium of rape. I wasn’t sure it was necsessarily appropriate in my case, but I was game.

The Saga of Pyscho the Rapist

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Stop Cock?

Armed with an erotic scenario involving two lions, some Vaseline and a sharp poking device in case of biting, I headed down a side aisle toward the confessional box. It was then I saw her. She was an Afghan nun with bow-legs and a curiously sexy moustache. She looked a vision of beauty as she knelt on her knees in front of the pulpit, with Christ on the cross above looking down on her.

Stop Cock?