livecunts @tournaments - Dont dream it, be it.

Coming to a live tournament near you.... a livecunt
Coming to a live tournament near you.... a cuntspoker sponsored player

Dont dream it, be it.

livecunts at tournaments cuntspoker

To start with we are going to raise funds through cunts signing up through us with poker sites. now we all love a tight cunt, apart from if its your mate whose turn it is to by the round and he has, as always, fucked off to the toilet. but we dont like tight cunts when it comes to funding the dream of livecunts@tournaments. so sign up with the online poker sites on this page and fund the dream.

When we get enough funds we will have a cunt off - the winner of the tournament will get to live the dream of being a livecunt@tournaments. So dont dream it, be it. Sploooosh !!

The quickest way may be through donations. we aint gonna cunt you off. all donations will go towards the livecunt, soon you will see where and how its done. perhaps if you have a good day on the cash tables or a good win in a tournament you may want to tithe to the poker gods?

Live the dream, be the dream. Be our livecunt @tournaments

the rocky horror punk show live cunts at tournaments cuntspoker

There will be certain T & C's (Terms and Cuntitions) that you will have 15 seconds to comply, you have 10 seconds to comply, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1....?

T & C's #1 when, with a real yoghurty play, you really cunt a player off, who thinks they are the bees knees, you have to ...

Dont dream it, be it

Jack Hicko plays "no more heroes" by The Stranglers