Winston Bogarde "This Negro Bows for No One" - Chelsea football player Hero or Villain?

winston bogarde chelsea football club player wasted talent
Winston Bogarde Chelsea Football Club "player"

Winston Bogarde's biography was called "This Negro Bows for No One" and Winston Bogarde played football for Chelsea, Ajax, Milan and Barcelona. Actually thats not true as Winston Bogarde didnt really play football for Chelsea but still earned 15 million euros for doing sweet FA cup.

Hero or Villain?

This world is about money, so when you are offered those millions you take them. Few people will ever earn so many. I am one of the few fortunates who do. I may be one of the worst buys in the history of the Premiership but I don't care.

Winston Bogarde "This Negro Bows for No One" Chelsea football player

So after not doing much or playing many games with the club he was at Winston Bogarde was signed on a cuntbusting long term contract by Chelsea Football Club. As soon as he was signed by Chelsea FC he was suplus to requirements. They couldn't get rid of him as no one wanted to pay his wage bill and he didn't mind playing for the reserves to earn a reputed 40k a week.

One of the few games Winston Bogarde did play for Chelsea was against Ipshit Town. What a stroke of genius to make him playing against those Ipshit inbred Essex wanna be cunts. Once he played against Ipshit and didn't leave Chelsea must have known that nothing was going to get rid of him.

No matter what you think of the man the title of his biography means the man is a legend. "This Negro Bows for No One" has to be one of the greatest sports and especially football biographie tiltles ever. Word up my Nigga.

Winston Bogarde, Chelsea football - "This Negro Bows for No One" biography reviews

winston bogarde this negro bows for no one autobiography chelsea football club player
Winston Bogarde "This Negro Bows for No One" biography

Winston Bogarde - Chelsea Football Club

Bogarde signed for Chelsea (on a free from Barcelona with legendarily hilarious wages), but he made a grand total of four starts, before Claudio Ranieri arrived and decided he wasn't much to look at. A move to another club then? Not on your nelly.

As you'll know, Bogarde spent the next three years in the Chelsea stiffs, counting his money. "Why should I throw fifteen million euros away when it is already mine? At the moment I signed it was in fact my money, my contract," was his justification, when asked to take a move on lesser wages. Brilliantly, his autobiography is entitled 'This Negro Bows for No One'.

Winston Bogarde "This Negro Bows for No One" biography

Winston Bogarde, what a legend this man is. He Signed for Chelsea in 2000, and when Claudio Ranieri arrived weeks later, he was asked to leave the club. Bogarde on 40,000 a week on a 4-year contract (worth 8,000,000!!!), refused to leave, and after being put in the reserves and even the youth team, as well as being thretened to have drug allegations pinned on him, he would turn up to training with a smile on his face every day, doing what was asked of him. He then retired in 2004 with a nice financial package!!


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