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Amazing as it seems there is a universe out there that does not think or know that poker is the be all and end of all of all. Some cunts waste their time enjoying life, not getting angry or depressed about bad beats, cold decks etc. They like go out and do stuff, with like other people who are not digital. Its a strange universe and takes all sorts.

The libelrarian is part of that world, a shapeshifter, involved in the poker universe but able to change frequency and move over just a fraction to the "normals" universe. If you want to explore this even stranger world then read on. You might also need to click on the links.

Civil WarLand in Bad Decline

Civil WarLand in Bad Decline short stories book by George Saunders
Civil WarLand in Bad Decline by George Saunders

Civil WarLand in Bad Decline by George Saunders. short stories. not your average bollox. top cunt.

The Mayan 3Q Prophet and The Marketeer

 short story ebook Notes on a New Financial Year by Chris Vaughan
Notes on a New Financial Year by Chris Vaughan

The Mayan 3Q Prophet is actually called Notes on a New Financial Year by Chris Vaughan but that titles a bit of a cunt and doesnt exactly grab you by the pissflaps. Its an awesome online short story about the Mayan Calendar and modern business.

As a modern libelrarian I am interested in how books are being promoted on the wwwbush and found an interesting page about these short stories here (where I found the alternative titles and images). A new way of promoting a book or just a stupid cunt of an idea?

short story Successful P's by Chris Vaughan
Successful P's by Chris Vaughan

This Chris Vaughan, who seems to be a great new short writer cunt and may have to have his own Dewey Decimal Point one day, has also got another hilarious short story called Successful P's. This story is also called "The Marketeer" on that other site. I will never be able to look at ravens sitting on a wire in the same way again.

Trust me, the libelrarian, on this - his titles may be gay but his stories aint. The author does seem to be on self destruct or outsources his titles. How you can write such great short stories as that and have such boring titles is beyond understanding in this Dewey System of ours.

Brown I and Persecution

 short story ebook persecution by Chris Vaughan
Persecution by Chris Vaughan

Brown I is a short story by Chris Vaughan. Just incase you get excited and think its about chocolate starfish action it aint. It is a very good and certainly alternative short story. The author obviously likes mushrooms, not neccessarily with his food.

Persecution is a short story written by Chris Vaughan and available as a free ebook from ronin press

ronin press

ronin press

There is very little originality in this world today. This is proved in the poker world where one person or site has an idea and the rest of the industry copies it. Its also shown when you try and search for original articles on factual stuff. You find lots of copies of wikipedia info.

The libelrarian loves origininality and has found this website, ronin press, that seems to be a start up promoting new authors, such as that Chris Vaughan. They have free download ebooks for people to read.

The authors on the site include poetry. The libelrarian has read many poems but would be very surprised if you have read a poem like the one called free enterprise in the waste management industry. Again, what is it with word geniuses and shit titles? Recto does not want to ruin it for you but delights include felching the hippopotamus.

ronin press - yossarian hunter & newamba flamingo/free enterprise in the waste management industry
free enterprise in the waste management industry

gonna be
the new Billy-The-Goddamn-Kid!
amongst big
NASTY (ass)
garbage truck drivers

Iíll pull up in your front yard
spit ya a pearl diver
wipe my (ass) with my hand
give ya a high fiver


free enterprise in the waste management industry - poem by yossarian hunter & newamba flamingo

the book Libelrary

the book Libelrary

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