Jeeves and Wooster - Fry and Laurie - What Ho!

Jeeves and Wooster - Fry and Laurie - What Ho! There are few things in life that are perfect but the old Granada TV series Jeeves and Wooster starrring Fry and Laurie is one of them. What Ho!

Bertie! Is a phrase that will stick in your mind like Oh Rocky!

Bertie! What Ho!

Jeeves and Wooster makes you actually yearn for the olden days and you dream to be a member of a Gentlemens's Club like The Drones. In this day and age when even the last bastion of Maledom, the MCC has surrended to PC bollox.

You will read all these fashionable lists of 30 things to do before you are thirty but if they do not include watching the oasis in the middle of the entertainment desert that is Jeeves and Wooster then you know that these bucket lists are a load of old pish.

Although it has to be said that although the first few series are a dream when Jeeves and Wooster arrive in America it is not so perfect. As though even America can pullute purity and genius even when filming Jeeves and Wooster. The American episodes are still good but not perfect. Although one of the Jeeves and Wooster episodes in America where Jeeves (Stephen fry) dresses up as a lady is one of the best. Stephen Fry as a cross dressing lady seems to be in his element.

Spode: Ah, Jeeves! Glad to see you here. You're just the sort of person we need in the movement... the working masses.
Jeeves: I hesitate to contradict you, Mr. Spode, but the working masses and I have barely a nodding acquaintanceship. Good afternoon.

Bertie: You can't be a successful dictator and design women's underclothing.
Jeeves: No, Sir.
Bertie: One or the other, not both.
Jeeves: Precisely, Sir.