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The book Libelrary is the place where the book libelrarian hangs out and has a quick cheeky mastication during his lunch hour over first editions. The book Libelrarian is a book pro, always taking care to never leave any stains on those precious first editions or woodcut prints. He never bends a spine and there is nothing he likes better than a Recto in his hands, although a Verso will do but then he always feels like someone else is reading the page.

RE:views of books by Recto the book Libelrarian

Here is a sample of the many book RE:views that the book Libelrarian has done that have appeared in numerous peer reviewed publications.

The book Libelrarian, Recto to his mate, offers you the chance to join him in his word of arts. The book Libelrarian is a modern kind of guy and knows that books are now online so has also entered the world of 1s and 0s.

Recto appreciates communicating with fellow book wormes so if you have a reveiw or views and want to share them with him and the world then do not be afraid. His wit may be as sharp as a paper cut and he may rebook you badly but dont worry about that because jesus loves you but we all think you are a cunt.

RE:views of Poker books

Super System 1 and 2

Super Systems by Doyle Brunson and a shit load of other people but you take the credit and everlasting fame you crafty old cunt. Still playing the Big Game? So named after your size no doubt old man. You know why people clap every time you get knocked out of the tournament? Because they have just won their part of the standard Doyle Brunson Tournament last longer bet - will i last longer in this tournament or will Doyle die before i get knocked out?

The sub title of the 2nd book says it all, "how i made millions more by getting people to play exactly as i wanted them to against me and my other poker mates, the now very much richer authors".

Phil Gordons Little Green Book

Phil Gordon poker pro? Phil Gordon poker cunt more like. Anyone can be a "poker pro" if they have made millions then buy themselves into tournaments. Did you ever see him get destroyed by Noah Boeken? About sums him up.

Recto says this about the book, "Will the libelrarian ever recommend this book? Yes of course, instantly. To the fireman of Fahrenheit 451. Society must be protected and the libelrarian promises to uphold his code of cuntduct and always do things for the good of humanity."

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The Poker Bible study

The Poker Bible study

The word of God or a hidden and coded book on poker? Is the Bible the original poker Super System?

Bertie! What Oh!

Jeeves and Wooster starring Stephen Fry and Hugh Laurie. Perfect.

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