You ever see two lions fuck, faggot?

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"Actions speak louder than words, you should know that. Which is why you should be less concerned about me calling you a nigger and more concerned about this". With that he leapt up, using the crown of his head as a fist, giving a devastating uppercut, almost breaking the jaw of his nemesis.

He watched his opponent fall, slowly moving over him then pulling him up by the collar of his shirt. Face to battered face now - "You ever see two lions fuck, faggot?", he sneered.

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Before an answer could even begin to be formulated he whipped both eyes from his foe’s face, leading to screams that no living person should ever have to make or even hear. He threw the eyes against the wall "Now you never will"

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he said in an icy tone as he headed for the door, skilfully evading the flailing arms of the blind and bloodied man wailing on the floor. Without looking back the door closed and he was gone. As the lock turned another door opened and, although the blind man could not see it, a lion padded its way into the room. His echoed screams drowned out the first roar as the cat took a bite out of its helpless victim. As he devoured his prey another lion came in and fucked the first one up the arse.

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