top 10 poker lists of things hat cunt you right off

top 10 poker cunt things in the universe that cunt you right off

top 10 poker list of cunt things - list 1

1. Barry "cheeky cunt" Greenstein for rating himself as 10/10 on his own website, and rating Stu Ungar at only 9/10 - On this scale you would be 0.027 cunty-bollocks.

2. Antonio Estefandidandiari for shouting 'woohoo' every fucking 10 seconds whilst not playing a hand.

3. Shawn Sheikhan for his 'condition'.

4. Annie Duke for being unnecessarily cuntish

5. Howard Lederer for being related to the cunt at number 4.

6. Phil Gordon for thinking anybody would read 'Phil Gordon's Little Green Book'.

7. Now I'm no I'll stop there.

8. Doyle Brunson for getting in every cunt's way with his cripple sticks.

9. Doyle Brunson for making every cunt under the sun think they can play poker.

10. Phil Ivey for being too good, not cos he's a darkie, honest m'lud.

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