Queen Elizabeth dead - The dead Head of the Common wealth

Queen Elizabeth II is dead - the death details of how the queen of england, britain and the commonwealth died in a bizarre sex act
Queen Elizabeth II is dead - details below

The details of the sudden death of Queen Elizabeth II today has now been revealed and a nation in shock is now even more shocked. The bizarre nature of the Queens death has also meant the arrest of a leading Conspiracy Theorist. Outraged Animal Rights protestors have said they will not pay taxes or obey the laws of her Government.

When it was first announced that a hamster and internal injuries were to blame for the Queen Elizabeths death it was instantly assumed that the Prince of Greekstyle was to blame. But with the arrest of David Icke and a statement issued by the police linking him to the death of the Queen and Head of the Commonwealth, the horrible story of our beloved Queens manner of death has now been made public.

The full story has not been released to the common man in the street but we have managed to get all the details of the death of the Queen of England.

David Icke blamed for the death of the
Queen of the Commonmanswealth

reptile reptilian queen elizabeth II dead hamster david icke
Reptilian Queen Elizabeth and what David Icke said to kill her

The latest news, with extra information from sources inside Buckingham Palace, suggest that with the British Queens advancing years Elizabeth II was becoming a bit senile. David Ickes latest claims about her reptilian energy and the fact that she is one of the richest people on earth and the head of the largest group of nations with the most votes in the United Nations, appears to have been the trigger for the tragic events that unfolded, the death of Queen Elizabeth.

Upon hearing what David Icke had to say about the reptilian Royal Family, Queen Elizabeth was heard to reply, "As if I am a head of an elite reptilian ruling family and class that, with a few other families, controls most of the worlds wealth and land. As if. And one will prove it to that stupid cunt. And he once cost me a pools win with his shite goalkeeping skills" She then stormed off, with the help of an army of attendents to her bedroom where she made them all leave.

David Icke had recently suggested that Queen Elizabeth and her families ability to shift shape was represented in many ways. One way is changing your families perceived image in the minds of the common people at any cost, apart from of course your "own" money and land ownership taken from the common wealth of the common people.

Queen Elibeth, who it has to be said was an absolute stunner when younger, was furious and was heard to say by the Aides as they left "If one is a fucking lizard and one doesnt mean getting out the strap-on and doing Prince Philip of Greece his own style - then one will fucking eat a hamster".

The death of Queen Elizabeth and a nations heart

queen elizabeth death dead died queen and head of england britain english british commonweath
How Queen Elizabeth II died

This is where and when the heart and perhaps soul of a nature was broken, the start of the sad demise of Queen Elizabeth, the death of our Queen. Prince Philip of Greekstyle was rather found of taking elevenses at that time of day and had to get the boys out of the room pretty quick. In his excitement to enact one of his fantasies with Queen Lizzie (after Elizabeth not Lizard) Prince Philip got out his favourite rodent, handed it to Queen Elizabeth and ran into the other room to prepare.

By the time Prince Philip of Greecestyle had made his dramatic return the Queen of the Common mans wealth had chocked on a mouthful of hairy hamster testicles. When Prince Philip was asked why he had not tried the Heimlich maneuver on the dying Queen Elizabeth he said that he had tried most things darling but had never heard of that particular move, would we care to enlighten him? After hearing about this technique Prince Philip was puzzled, "Why would you want to get your nuts out of a ladies mouth when you have tried every day of your life to get them inside any female that breathed?".

On explaining to police why he had not noticed that Queen Elizabeth was dead while he was having sex with her he said she was about as good as normal and he was actually pleased because she didnt complain like a bitch as normal when he went the wrong way up the one way tunnel. He had taken the non appearance of the verbal 'Do not enter' sign as a license to make hay where the sun didnt shine. When asked about the horendous extent of the Queens anal injuries he had informed them they were playing, what was known by the Royal Family as the "Diana and Dodi in the tunnel" game.

Queen Victoria's eldest son Edward VII belonged to the House of Saxe-Coburg-Gotha (the family name of his father Prince Albert). Edward VII's son George V became the second king of that dynasty when he succeeded to the throne in 1910.

In 1917, there was a radical change, when George V specifically adopted Windsor, not only as the name of the 'House' or dynasty, but also as the surname of his family. The family name was changed as a result of anti-German feeling during the First World War, and the name Windsor was adopted after the Castle of the same name.

The Royal Family name

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