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Insane in da membrane
(Insane in da brain)
I got to get my props


Come and try to snatch my crops

These pigs wanna blow my house down

Head underground

To the next town

They get mad

When they come to raid my pad

And I'm out in the nine deuce Cad'

Yes I'm the pirate pilot

Of this ship if I get

Wit' the ultraviolet dream

Hide from the red light beam

Now do you believe in the unseen

Look, but don't make your eyes strain

A nigga like me is goin' insane

Insane in da membrane

(Insane in da brain)

Insane in da membrane

(Insane in da brain)

Insane in da membrane

(Crazy insane, got no brain)

Insane in da membrane

(Insane in da brain)

A nigga like me is  goin insane insane in da membrane cypress hill cuntspoker

Now he had no objection to Cypress Hill, none whatsoever. The use of the word 'nigga' wasn't offensive to him, just as it clearly wasn't to the black guy mangling the lyrics above at full volume. Even if it had been offensive, to anyone, at any time, for any reason, the size of the black fellow across the way ensured that an interjection was unlikely.

The problem was that the volume meant that concentrating on work was a problem. The rap lyrics being spouted were not the only issue - from the man's left came the shorter, sharper shocks of what could only be the sound of a man in agony. Once every 30 seconds or so a shout out of concentrated pain would be broadcast, occasionally making a fitting rhythmic backdrop to the 'music' from the other side.

tits - they are fuckin awesome
tits - they're fuckin awesome

In the name of research he'd watched (but obviously not enjoyed) a number of porn films and documentaries on porn in general. If you've ever seen these documentaries you'll know that the 'actors' tend to whine about how difficult it is to bang large breasted sluts day in day out. They'll try and convince you that it's a real ordeal getting to stick it anywhere you like into a walking suction machine that'll pretty much do anything you ask for a tenner. Overall they like to point out that despite there being a raft of oiled, naked, lesbo sluts in front of them, lezzing away like duracell bunnies, it can be incredibly hard to maintain an erection.

wank mag - return of the ring
Return of the Ring - porn mag?

Cynics might disagree, and our man here was one of those. He thought of those poor men, being paid to smash in Jenna Jameson's back door as he hopelessly tried to get excited in the small cubicle in the sperm bank. Trapped in a space he could barely stretch out in, he prayed for enough inspiration to shoot thirty quid's worth into the pot, hoping that if he reached the point of no return he wouldn't accidentally paint the wall like last time. However it was still too early to worry about that. With the greatest hits of Cypress Hill ruining one ear dream he still had to drown out the sounds of the bloke next door, seemingly wanking himself to death in order to get a few packets of fags. The magazine in front of him looked like it had been laminated. It hadn't. This was no way to start a fucking bankroll.

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