Drinking Games - 911 OMG! Oh My God!

drinking games 911 wtc omg oh my god world trade centre

Drinking Games are fantastic fun and the Derek from Deltec Solutions 911 OMG! Drinking Game is perhaps the funniest one. It will also guarantee to get you totally fucked. Fucked up style like the few 1000 innocent Americans in the World Trade Centre and the also innocent millions of people of Afghanistan and Iraq.

September 11th Two Thousand & Fun!

Drinking Games require lots of pre planning and everyone involved in the Drinking Game needs to know the rules.

And don'd forget to drink in moderation - like Oliver Reed

There is a video explaning the rules of the 911 OMG! Drinking Game and it also explains why the World Trade Centre is the Yoghurt Of The Week

Derek from Deltec Solutions 911 OMG! Drinking Game - the rules

Drinking Game rules for 911 OMG!
the 911 OMG! Drinking Game rules

Firstly make sure you have a shit load of alcohol

Sit back and watch any 911 documentary

For every OMG! (Oh My God!) you must drink 1 shot

For every fuck wit that stands too close to a collapsing building drink 1 can of beer

For every body that swan dives off one of the burning buildings simply lean back and beat your fucking meat with joy

Everyone remembers where they were when they heard about the twin towers. Me? I was in a cave with some bearded men. How we laughed.

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