Annette Obrestad wins her first WSOP Bracelet

Annette Obrestad wins her first WSOP Bracelet stud no limit holdem omaha
Annette Obrestad wins her first WSOP Bracelet

Annette Obrestad wins her first WSOP Bracelet and has proved she is a top poker cunt.

Annette Obrestad also known online as Annette_15 is famous for being a top poker cunt. also famous for winning a 180 SnG tournament without looking at her cards. apart from once when calling an all in...

Daddy, are you all in?

so when Annette Obrestad was asked if she had ever had anal sex with her father she of course said no ... Annette Obrestad said it does not count as he was all ins only the once and she needed to know if she had the right odds for her to (with)draw

Annette Obrestad was finally allowed to play at the WSOP this year because she is off legal age to drink and therefore get drunk and randy. this means mere mortals of poker men will have their only chance to fuck her big time. and it cant be rape if they only get it all ins once.

Looking at the WorldSOP through rose titted glasses

Another true fact about Annette Obrestad is that she looked for another sponsorship because it was silly of Betfair to sponsor her when she played in America. So this is breaking news that the EPT and other European poker events have been closed down. you read it here first.

Or could there be another little part to Annette Obrestads sponsorship deal story being terminated by betfair that was also ignored, as it does not enhance the the story of this top poker cunt? could it be that Annette Obrestad never played anything less than the highest buy in events and hardly played at the site that was sponsoring her?

Straight from the horses mouth

straight from the horses mouth and thats no sic

And she will be doing so with a new sponsor's patch on her chest.

"I was with Betfair for three years, but they are not open for the US market, so it was kind of stupid for them to buy me into events in the US market," she said. "I decided to look for a new sponsor and Full Tilt were the most excited about it.

"I usually play on Full Tilt anyway, so I'm super excited to become part of their team."

""My name is finally in red on ftp! Sooo excited to be part of my favorite online site," Obrestad said to her Twitter followers after the announcement."

and it also has nothing to do with betfair not being able to advertise Annette Obrestad as their sponsored pro in the UK because of the UKs ASA not allowing people who are under 25 to be used for gambling adverts

Since the U.K.'s Advertising Standard Authority announced in September that Betfair poker couldn't use an advertisement featuring Obrestad because of her age, her value to the website would be significantly limited. (The U.K.'s policy does not allow anyone under age 25 to be featured gambling. Obrestad is 21.)

Annette Obrestad gone to Stud

cuntspoker say congratulations to Annette Obrestad on winning her first WSOP bracelet and going to Stud.

All ins there is enough evidence to consider Annette Obrestad a real top poker cunt and long may she remain so for years to come

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