2 mongs dont make a right

the spastics society of india

my carer said i was very good and a clever boy and in the mornings she
puts me in my chair and spoons me breakfast i dribble cant help after
aksident carer says i used to feed myelf and help myself and myself but

bondage s&m spastic mongaloid cripple disabled handicap sex

i get confused and have to sleep a lot and we went to the park today
and saw a dog and a birds and went we on a bus when my legs hurt lots
today but too much medcin makes me sleepy and we went home for my
birfday party i am therty 2 today nd carer says i can use compter after
cake after birfdat cake i can use compter and i have a hat for my hed
to lean frward and oress the keys with to type and crer moves weelchair

cripples spastics cabbagepatchkids mongs headstick typing computers

to desk anf and i move head into keys to type words like now yay smiley
face in the shops we bought some savory rice y dont they have unsavoury
remeber when i cood walk and yalk properly i miss me sum times but i
have cake now and cos im good computer yay smiley face so i nod my head
and computer works for carers card game and it says i have a 3 and a
too and i am a 3 abd a too and its my 3 and 2 birfday so i oress the
cool button for lots of counters go in the middle and he has a big A
and another big A then he has AAA but i win win i win i win happy bithdy
to me i win and e says rude words in teh little box and carer is shiocked
and i type unlucky. you. cunt.
yay smiley face. 
joey deacon spastic cripple blue peter show photograph image

In Memoriam - Joey Deacon

joey deacon spastic cripple photograph image
Joey Deacon and cripple poker

The Joey Deacon lives website has spastic content like this - "did you hear about the thalidomide stripper? he had an arm like a babies cock"

In a homage to Blue Peter's most inspirational guest, I once managed to play JOEY (baby kangaroo) and DEACON (church official) within a couple of turns. Not a particularly high score, but a moral victory nevertheless.

Horace Grahamson, London, UK

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