You Are the 999,999th visitor: congratulations You Won!

its back in the day … this internet poker is still new, even the internet is still new to most people. something @ was an electronic mail not someones twitter name. this is how old school poker it was … the Microgaming Poker Network was about the biggest network there was and its software was good compared to other poker sites. it was even called Prima Poker Network before it went wank stain, due to some of the events below and because I Stopped playing there, and then they had to rebrand it

this is a true tale, you may not believe it like so many of My Vanquished foe who never believed My Moves that they then copied and put in books to sell as their own. who am I? I Am legend. I Am legion. My Fans were legion and so were My Winnings. But enough about Me As this true tale is not about Me, I Am merely the ocean that the Ladbrokespoker cruise ship sailed on, I Am merely the cloth upon which this true story is projected and scene

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Ladbrokes had decided that Ladbrokespoker didnt want or need to be a part of Prima (Microgaming Poker Network), they were above all that, the managers bonuses had no interest in giving someone else their (or the low caste workers beneath them) hard earned profits and bonuses. so they purchased the Microgaming Poker Network software and ran it as a stand alone site. instead of giving the Microgaming Poker Network any share of their profits over the coming years they gave them at least 1 million of our english pounds in a dodgy brown envelope, plus whatever yearly amount amount was also charged. with no contract for support or software development! the Ladbrokes and Microgaming man who negotiated this deal were literally laughing all the way to their bank

and Ladbrokespoker nearly worked apart from just when Ladbrokespoker had it all in their greedy big hands they totally wank stained it up. roytheboy style. but thats another story. if only they had listened to Me

You Are the 999th visitor: congratulations You Won! advert banner

the Microgaming Poker Network was technically built and developed by 3 techy people. they knew everything about it, they were it. then they suddenly left by the front door and the back door one day, bringing the whole Microgaming Poker Network into chaos. that is why if you played on the Microgaming Poker Network during this time it did not develop for a year or two. thats why it started to go shit and fall behind the others and because My Followers left when I Did

how do I Know all this? because of who I Am. I Was mr Ladbrokespoker player, I Was the heart and soul of it, the beat of Ladbrokespoker, when they wanted player advice they phoned Me, If they didnt follow it then it didnt work, I Sometimes deigned to give them My Advice when I Phoned them up and they always listened, kept Me On the phone for hours as they couldnt get enough of Me, I Was more important than those players who have fluked their way to the top, i_knockout_u, action jack, madbluuuuuueeeee, hejaheja, pokerspaz. I Am ET-Panther.

there I Am, playing as normal, multi-tabling multi-table tournaments, I Was the first to start doing that and they all copied Me Of course, getting My Normal crazy bad beats as Ladbrokespoker poker managers were jealous of Me, I Tell you how much the Ladbrokespoker poker managers were jealous of Me winning money, instead of just sitting there doing nothing apart from watching Me So they could press that famous bad beat button, those Ladbrokes poker manager wank stains sent system message pop up advert after intrusive pop up banner messaging some wank stain satellite to a wank stain tournament that no one, with any sense, would enter anyway as I, ET-Panther was gonna win it of course, pop up advert after wanking pop up banner, it really started to get on Your Tits, especially when You Are the inventor of multi-tabling (now you know why it has a hyphen in it because its named after Me) And those wank stain system message adverts got in the way of the multi-tables

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then up pops a different pop up advert. I Am a winner! as long as I Go to this site and I Am the 9th person or less to visited the site and then I Submit all My Details I Have won 5 large ones, 5 grand! lovely jubbly tyvm gg. no link on it so I Got to copy and paste it in the internet browser and it says I Am a winner. of course I Am, I Am ET-Panther.

So I Gets on My Poker multi-tables chats and abuse all those unlucky wank stains who firstly are not ET-Panther (like being born a half caste in india) and have not just won 5 grand. laughing at them I Was for … well … just being them. then up pops another system message telling Me To ignore the previous message. wtf! and then lots of others on their single multi-tabling chat tell me that they have also won some money by entering their details. how can so many people be the 9th visitor congratulations you have won?

30 seconds later another pop up telling Me To ignore the previous message and that I Still have time to go to this other site and put in My Details and I Could still have the chance to win lots of money. Don’t they know that I Have already submitted all My Bank account and personal details? How could they not know that I Had done that? couple of minutes later another system pop up banner saying its an official message and to ignore the previous messages as they were not official messages. enter details, dont enter details, ignore unofficial messages that looked exactly like official pop up messges … this Ladbrokespoker pants o mine continues for like 30 minutes or so

I Am not allowed to tell you, due to legal reasons how much money was taken out of My Accounts (and other peoples of no concern) and how many credit cards were created in My Name and how much was fraudulently spent on them but I Can tell you this. I Am ET-Panther. so you know the amounts and My Limit were very high

it appears that it was not just Ladbrokespoker that had what we now call a phishing scam. I came up with that phrase as I Said they were fishing for information and a phat lot of good Ladbrokespoker could did about it. it happened to other sites on the actual Microgaming Poker Network. and to top it all off it happened the next week also!

You Are the 9th visitor: congratulations You Won! advert banner

over the next week a few sites were targeted each night. of course I Knew what was happening as the Ladbrokespoker Poker Managers had asked for My Advice on what to do for damage limitation but they didnt go for the ET-Panther Bounty Tournament. wank stains who call themselves poker managers. no wonder Ladbrokespoker eventually went down the pan.

the next week was great for Me As I Knew what was occurring, I Knew the rogue pop up adverts were coming so I Was telling everyone on the multi-tables I Was playing there was a new promotion happening tonight and if you are the 9th visitor congratulations you have won! did they believe me and fall for it? of course they did because I Am ET-Panther and I Was Ladbrokespoker. and someone watching Me Copied Me Again and came up with the you are the 999,999th visitor: congratulations you have WON! advert

You Are the 999,999th visitor: congratulations You Won! prize advert banner pop up message

now I Will let you into a little secret, just to show you how trusted I Was and that I Did rule the roost. to back up how influential I Am I Once sneezed when talking to seth godin about how My Legion of followers would follow Me To other poker sites (as proved like Whisky 100% by what happened to Ladbrokespoker when I Did leave). you can read seth godins thanks in his book dedications and my idea in seth godins book unleashing the ideavirus. well it might not be in your peasant versions but thats not My Fault.

but I Digress by talking about someone else and not sticking to the story of this Ladbrokespoker and Microgaming Poker Network poker scam, which is the whole point of this true story. you may be wondering what and how this scam all happened? well it seems that those 2 or 3 Microgaming Poker Network tech people liked back door entries, technical rear entries if you like. perhaps of each other but especially in the Micrograming Poker Network systems. they left, waited a year then did this little phishing stunt (i invented that phrase)

these people were able to rear entry into the Microgaming Poker Network system and Ladbrokespoker and send the system pop up adverts. they looked just like the real official pop ups because technically they were. did those Microgaming Poker Network techs get prosecuted for what they did? of course not, Microgaming Poker Network didnt want the world to know how vulnerable they were. I Bet they even paid out some blackmail money to stop them carrying on doing it

and then, even after what had just happened, those Ladbrokespoker Poker Managers wank stains would deny to Me That they could not influence the cards, there was no super user account and dont be silly as a super user account was something that had never existed, a super user account could not exist and a super user account never would. they also said that there was no Ladbrokespoker bad beat button. if Ladbrokespoker didnt have a beat button then I Am undeniable proof and evidence that there was because how come I Wasnt the most successful player on Ladbrokespoker when I Am ET-Panther.

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