the pursuit of happyness

fucking morons, fucking company, fucking short sighted wankers in charge, fucking spastics which is great because you know they love it and want it because they always smile and make that fuck face and wont tell anyone if you are not great.

why do fucking idiots, always end up in charge? how do fucking retards get the financial backing, when those with ideas and the knowledge have to work for these fucking cunt stains?

work has been a misery.

i get picked for a meeting during work by taxi. chap who picks me up is smiling, he looks exactly like manuel from Fawlty Towers and he sounds the same. what was strange was that he was smiling. like as in happy smiling. it was a shock to the system. this man was happy. not just false happy, like actual real happy. he laughed and smiled the whole journey. i started to laugh and then smiled the rest of the journey.

works been a fucking pain in the non fucking arse. increase fucking rake without spending any fucking money but why has rake not gone up? asked by fucking ball twatters on the fucking golf course. worse than that though, fucking agree to fucking budgets long term and promotions short term then reduce or stop them and then ask why has rake not gone up? you stupid fucking cunts.

so work and life has been miserable. going to a couple of meetings that could revolutionise our company and me. they are going to change the industry and we have been invited to join the party. of course we wont accept it. why? because they dont understand it. its new model business thinking. its sharing. its partnerships. its not just taking and conniving every single drop of blood we can get out from others. its working together. brotherly love. it doesnt stand a fucking chance.

of course, the fucking cunts in charge fuck up so i have to go back to the meeting again, i am right fucked off. the same taxi chap picks me up and smiles the whole time. and so do i. he loves his job. he is happy. he is just a taxi driver, he has to work 60 hours a week, including all the times that others are out enjoying themselves.

when did i lose that? you look back at times of your life and think i use to be happy, didnt i?

I give those fucking company imbeciles the opportunities they are looking for and what do those fucking posh restaurant eating capatilist do? they dont fucking answer or make a decision for weeks. and then i get asked by the board why did this deal not happen? i hope you die of eye cancer including your japs and your third.

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