@MailOnline or @femaleOnline?

The internet has been great for so many things and so many people. It has also been a disaster for others but most of them deserved to be fucked over. No longer can certain companies rape us of money because we did not have a choice.

Newspaper sales have been steadily going downwards for years now, after all in this world of instant news and instant boredom who wants to spend money on buying yesterdays news? Although a cracking pair of tits does not get old that quick. With the reduced readership of papers they have had to offer lower prices for adverts or lower their standards and accept adverts from new revenue streams they would have mocked only a few years ago.

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The phone hacking scandal at the News Of The World has also created panic and reduced companies wanting to be associated with advertising in Newspapers. The only thing to have helped Newspapers is that they have put their news online. But now news website appear to actually be just a mass blogging site http://www.dailymail.co.uk/debate/blogs/index.html

The lack of advertisers wanting to be linked to the scum that are Newspapers has has got so bad that The Daily mail is now accepting adverts for Prostitutes on its website. Ladies of the night always have moved with ‘the times’ and know that to reach a modern audience they need to go where they are. The traditional tarts way of advertising by leaving sex calling cards in phone boxes, although still popular, is being replaced by special adverts on legitimate sites.

prostitute flyers sex cards phone boxes @mailonline dailymail newspaper

Look at this prostitute flyer found on The Daily Mail. Here you can see that ‘Mr Google’ is in fact this prostitutes Pimp. Mr Google pays her $173 an hour. And its a home job. I am sure it is a lot of jobs love. According to the maths it is 29 home jobs per month. Nice work if you can get it. And if you want to get it just look online at The Daily Mail and you will be sorted.

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