cockgate upsets the fringe of the minge

What is the world coming to or not coming to may be the actual point? Anything that is decent, honest, has a true purpose or spirit seems to get commercialised which means moneyterised.

cockgate kunt and the gang edinburgh fringe festival

People getting upset about something that is funny and hilarious. Cunts the lot of em and I wish em a slow and painful death for having no sense of humour and trying to bring everyone else down to their boring level of life.

Kunt and the Gang cockgate scandal naughtiness

cockgate upsets the fringe of the minge

So its the Edinburgh Fringe Festival – which has now become a big money spinner and lost its original ideals. It still helps to launch new and struggle actors, comedians, bands etc but thats just because the entertainment mongrels are their to get their pound of flesh.

cockgate kunt and the gang edinburgh fringe festival comedy posters

Kunt and the Gang came up with a great bit of gorilla marketing. Print out a load of cock stickers and Kuntets, the loyal and dedicated army of Kunt and the Gang followers could and would stick them in the best places.

Obviously the only people who found this funny were normal people who like a laugh, not those other cunts. As you can see the results were rather splendid.

edinburgh fringe festival 2011 cockgate kunt and the gang

In another sad state of the times Kunt had to Kunt and the Gang apologises for defacing posters but at least he got even more exposure on that comedy website.

Kunt and the Gang would like to apologise to anyone who is upset about the ‘crudely drawn cock’ stickers that have been appearing all over posters in Edinburgh. When we had 5000 of the cock stickers printed in the run up to the Fringe Festival we just thought it would be a light-hearted alternative to flyers. The plan was to give them to our audience each night so they could go out and vote with their cocks by sticking them in amusing places on posters. It was intended to be one big jolly jape that everyone laughed along with. This I now know was a badly misjudged joke that horribly backfired.

Unfortunately it was brought to our attention that some comedians were extremely angry at seeing their posters adorned with an effigy of a male member. This culminated in myself being physically threatened by one irate comic who failed to see the funny side of his poster being decorated by a member of the public with a crudely drawn image of a man’s winky.

If you want to see more hilarious cockgate posters then click on this link.

cockgate kunt and the gang edinburgh fringe festival scandal controversy



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